At Golden Gait Trailers we carry many types of trailers from horse trailers to car haulers, to dump trailers to many more. We represent the top trailer manufacturers such as Featherlite, Bison, Haulmark, Bri-Mar and more. Everything from all-aluminum trailers, steel frame trailers, to all steel trailers for equipment trailers. Learn about the different types of trailers that we carry and then check out our inventory for the trailer that is for you!

Aluminum vs steel

When making the decision between an aluminum trailer vs. a steel trailer, you should know…

  • A true “all aluminum” trailer has both an aluminum substructure and aluminum skin sides. NOTE: Aluminum skin with painted or electrogalvanized steel frame is NOT an aluminum trailer and is vulnerable to rust, corrosion and more rapid depreciation.
  • Because of their superior durability, an all aluminum Featherlite trailer can last a lifetime with routine maintenance.
  • Steel trailers are heavier than all-aluminum trailers. Many trailer owners, who have owned both steel and aluminum trailers, report that towing an all-aluminum Featherlite leads to a significant fuel savings.

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