MED-1: Mobile Emergency Department, Mobile Hospital, Medical Trailer

MED-1 (Mobile Emergency Department) is a first-of-its-kind, fully mobile, complete healthcare facility–the most effcient and cost-effective ever produced. With the unprecedented speed, capability and flexibility to start saving lives not within days, not within hours, but within minutes.

MED-1 Mobile Hospital deployment in Ecuador South America designed and built by MED-1 Partners and Golden Gait Trailers located in Concord NC. Ecuador purchased and deployed 2 of the Mobile Hospital systems with cutting edge technology. These units are capable of supporting 200+ patients each including 2 surgical suites, 4 ICU beds, 7 step down beds and 1 ENT chair. Watch the video below to learn even more.

Fully capable, fully mobile, comprehensive and state-of-the-art; MED-1’s abilities mirror the complex functions of a modern hospital center, including:

  • Full laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Operative intervention
  • Intensive medical
  • Cardiac and pre/post-operative surgical care
  • Acute emergency medical care
  • Telemedicine
  • and more

Each unit can be custom-configured to meet jurisdictional or operational requirements. A standard MED-1 contains thirteen beds (two surgical/resuscitation beds, four critical care beds, six general emergency beds, and one dental/ear/nose/throat station) with expanded tent capacity for 200 additional patients.

Med1_7051 Med1_7093 Med1_7114 Med1_7107

Virtual Tour

Take an exclusive inside virtual tour of MED-1 Mobile Medical Hospital Trailer. This virtual tour requires Apple QuickTime Player. You can download QuickTime here for free. Click on the image below to start the tour.

MED-1 Virtual Tour