At Golden Gait Trailers & RVs, we offer a wide selection of RVs for sale. From Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels and Toy Haulers. We represent the top manufacturers in the industry. From Road Warrior by Heartland, Aspen Trail, Aerolite and Voltage. Each brand is unique and customizable to meet your needs. Learn about the different types of RVs that we have available, both New and Used and then check out our inventory for the RV that is for you!



Find your vacation getaway, mobile business asset or road-ready traveling home on Golden Gait Trailers & RVs. Choose from an extensive collection of new and used comfortable motorhomes and motorcoaches with various sizes, amenities and prices. Golden Gait Trailers features RVs and trailers from top manufacturers with customizable options available to fulfill your needs exactly.
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Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers make an idyllic vacation wherever life takes you. Wide spaces, luxurious amenities and a chic, contemporary design allow you to sprawl out and relax in your own remote getaway without ever missing home. Toy Haulers are spacious, comfortably furnished and highly customizable, so you can have exactly the features and layout that fits your lifestyle.
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Travel Trailers

Carrying a heavy load, or embarking on an extended trip can be extremely exhausting. They lead to long days and nights on the road, which can be awfully uncomfortable if you are not traveling in the right vehicle.
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