Custom Awning Manufacturing

Here at GGT we strive to meet each client’s own unique needs and challenges, all in an effort to present them with the best possible solution. We re-engineered various parts which are fairly common within the awning manufacturing industry with the goal of making them more durable, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


Custom Door Services
Whether for security or aesthetics, the addition of “storefront” doors to an awning conveys a sense of professionalism, as well as a hint of permanence in a “here today, gone tomorrow” world of mobile marketing. However, this extra step of elegance is not without it’s own unique set of challenges. How does one take a door system that was originally designed for a stationary, permanent location, and uproot it into an anchorless environment where the ground beneath your awning is seldom (if ever) level.

GGT re-engineered the framing around the door to make it both rigid and light-weight. The hinging mechanisms are then sunk into the frame, so as to be out of sight. The doors themselves are made of 1/8” thick aluminum tubing, with fasteners and welds hidden from view. Finally, we can design & build a custom professional road case to safely transport your doors from one event to the next.

Specialty Lighting
Alright, now that you have your awning set up, how do you plan to light the interior? Is your canopy white, or a dark color? Do your events lead into the evening hours, wherein illumination is a must have? At GGT we can design a system of lighting which will provide crucial illumination when you need it, where you need it, and as aesthetically pleasing as your guests require.


Anyone can buy an extension cord and a halogen tripod light, but what message does that send… GGT can provide you with solutions in the incandescent, fluorescent, stage and/or LED segments. We can even build recessed LED lights into the bottom edge of your rafters, so you never have to worry about damaging a fixture during setup or transit. Simply “plug & play.”

In-Rafter Options
Is your awning going to be used as a garage at the racetrack? You may need air or nitrogen under your canopy? We can build the lines right inside the rafters, so all you have to do is plug a pigtail at the top of the rafter into quick-connects on your trailer and you are ready to go. You can have multiple points along the rafter at which to connect tools & hoses.

If you need electrical power for lights, fans, tools or audio-video gear we can pre-wire your rafters with one or more individual circuits. Each circuit would plug in to an outlet near the top rail of the trailer, and GGT can add them if your trailer doesn’t have them. Do you require sound & video? We can install cables within the rafters with a pigtail up top, to plug into the trailer, and another at the bottom. Or we can build jacks into the rafter to connect your equipment. Some prime examples are HDMI or Component for video, or XLR, RCA and Speakon for audio.


If a client comes to us with the dilemma that they need a bigger, taller awning than has traditionally been on their type of vehicle GGT will strive to make it a possibility, while maintaining safety in the design & engineering phase. Especially if other companies have told them it can’t be done.

We strive to meet your goals when you come to us for a custom awning, but we especially like to hear from you after the sale. We want to know how well the awning we designed & built for you is meeting your needs. If there are any problems we want to make them right. And we definitely want to see you come back to GGT the next time you have an awning project in mind.