Our Customer Resource page contains documentation that is meant to provide you with guidelines and tips. Here you can find information on winterizing your trailer or RV, tips on buying a new trailer, as well as a trailer safety inspection check list. If you have a specific request, feel free to contact us at 800-895-3276 or by visiting us at www.GoldenGait.com.

Choosing the Right Trailer pills
Buying the right trailer can be a challenge. Following these simple guidelines will help simplify the process and help you choose the right trailer to fit your needs.

Towing Safety
When it comes to safety of you and your trailer, along with others on the road, we at GGT take extra steps to insure your trailer is safe for towing before you leave our lot. This guide is to provide you some simple steps you can follow at home to insure your trailer is ready for towing safely. This guide is not meant to replace any owners manuals of your trailer or towing vehicle.

7-Way Trailer Wiring Diagram
This image is to show you the correct method of how your 7-way trailer plug should be connected to your towing vehicle.

to order at a low figure generic pills no rx Maintaining Your Horse Trailer
Has it been a while since you hooked up your truck to your trailer? Don’t just assume your trailer is roadworthy; check it out before you load up your horses and head down the highway.

RV Maintenance
When you own an RV, you can go wherever the road leads. The entire country is open to you, and opportunities arise that are simply not available to others. However, owning an RV is also a learning experience, with its own unique challenges.